Şu Anda Ne Dinliyorsunuz?


Let’s take a drive through the old town…


(Mustafa Güngören) #446



Evet, hala dinliyorum…

(Okan Akıncı) #449

(Okan Akıncı) #450

(Onur Selamet) #451

(Yakup Alioğlu) #452

(görkem) #453

(Yakup Alioğlu) #454

To the center of the city where all roads meet, waiting for you,
To the depths of the ocean where all hopes sank, searching for you,
I was moving through the silence without motion, waiting for you,
In a room with a window in the corner I found truth.
In the shadowplay, acting out your own death, knowing no more,
As the assassins all grouped in four lines, dancing on the floor,
And with cold steel, odor on their bodies mad a move to connect,
But I could only stare in disbelief as the crowds all left.
I did everything, everything I wanted to,
I let them use you for their own ends,
To the center of the city in the night, waiting for you.
To the center of the city in the night, waiting for you

(Can) #455

(Mrs Saturn (Af Bri, Elentâri) " İyi uyu ve Ev'i düşle. ") #456


Light in Babylon’u Sei Enaich Urei şarkısıyla tanımıştım. Gerçekten güzeldir o. Ama kaldırmışlar her yerden. Bulup atamadım.


Everyone is king when there is no one left to pawn…


(Metal Storm) #460

Filim çok kötüydü ama sountracklar mühteşem


(Yakup Alioğlu) #462